Getting good gaming performance on a tight budget is not easy, however this budget PC build guide that I am going to share in this article has an Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card, one of the latest and greatest cards from Nvidia’s Pascal generation meaning you can get good 1080p gaming performance on a tight budget without breaking the bank!

This PC build is capable of playing most of the latest triple A titles at 60 FPS on medium settings on average, less demanding games can be played at high settings. The PC is powered by a quad core processor and a GTX 1050 so it’s compatible with the latest games and should give you a pleasant gaming experience.

AMD Athlon X4 950 – Click Here to view this product on Amazon 

For the CPU we have a quad core AMD Athlon X4 with a clock speed of 3.5GHz which means it should perform decently in game as it’s quite a fast processor and has 4 cores so it’s compatible with all the latest games and has the processing power to handle them. It runs on the AM4 socket which will be supported until 2020 so you can still use the same motherboard if you choose to upgrade a few years down the line. It can even be overclocked.

A320 Motherboard (no overclocking) – View on Amazon  

The motherboard isn’t too important when it comes to performance of a low end system so I’ve chosen the cheapest AM4 motherboard on sale at the moment which happens to be an MSI one. It is a microATX motherboard, meaning that it will fit into a small case that can be placed on or under a desk with ease. One thing to note is that if you do want to overclock the processor you will have to buy a B350 motherboard as the A320 chipset does not support overclocking.

Alternative motherboard – B350 for overclocking

Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1050

This card has 2GB VRAM and is a decent 1080p card that will play most games at medium settings at 60FPS, some less demanding games like Doom can be played on high or even ultra settings, more demanding games like the Witcher 3 will have to be played on low settings.


Storage: A 1TB hard drive from western digital provides enough of space to store a few games and files, should you need more storage, this is cheap and easy to upgrade.


For RAM I’ve gone with 4GB of DDR4, this is the minimum for most games, some games would benefit from more RAM but this is easily and cheaply upgradeable if necessary

80+ Bronze PSU

Power supply: I chose a power supply with 80+ bronze efficiency, this means it is efficient and performs well. It’s very important to choose a rated, certified power supply because buying an excessively cheap power supply could potentially destroy your components if it fails

PC Case UK only:

The case is a good looking GameMax micro ATX case, this means the case is quite small to save space. It’s also very affordable and not bad looking, it has enough drive bays to support multiple hard drives and so there’s plenty of space to upgrade in future. Unforunately this case is not available in the US so I will link an alternative one below for the readers from the US.

PC Case US Only

The alternative is a budget friendly case from Rosewill

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