CPU – Ryzen 5 1400 six core

This is a hexa core CPU with a base clock of 3.2GHz. This means it will perform very well in games and can be used for light productivity work such as video and photo editing. It would make a good budget editing system, the processor has enough power to use applications such as Premiere Pro and After Effects and the GTX 1060 is the 6GB variant which is more powerful and has 6GB VRAM making it great at speeding up render times.

The CPU comes with a stock cooler that performs well enough to keep your processor cool enough, it shouldn’t require an aftermarket cooler

B350 Motherboard

This is a budget friendly motherboard that has all the features you will need including support for overclocking should you decide you want to overclock your CPU.


Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1060

This is an entry level 1440p card that will play modern triple A titles on medium to ultra settings depending on the game, more demanding games will have to be played at lower settings but some games like GTA V can be played on ultra settings. It provides the ultimate 1080p experience and will play all games at ultra.

1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive and 240 GB SSD

A 1TB 7200RPM hard drive provides plenty of space for storage and a 240GB SSD provides super fast storage for your operating system, programs and games to speed up loading times

Kingston Fury HyperX RAM 

For RAM I’ve gone with 8GB of DDR4, this is the perfect quantity for modern games and is easy to upgrade in the future should you ever need more. I went with 8GB instead of 16 because the money spent on the extra 8GB is better spent on an SSD as this has far greater real world performance by speeding loading and installation times up massively

Power supply: 80+ Bronze 500W from EVGA 

I chose a power supply with 80+ bronze efficiency, this means it is efficient and performs well. This is important, you need a reliable and efficient power supply from a reputable manufacturer to ensure that your PC can function optimally which is why I have chosen a power supply from EVGA.

Case: Cooler Master Masterbox lite 3.1

The case is an mATX case from Cooler Master. It’s a great looking case, it has enough drive bays to support two hard drives and so there’s room to upgrade in future