Looking for the ultimate 1440p and 1080p 144Hz gaming for less than $1000? Look no further! Today we present you this powerful PC build that will play triple A titles at up to ultra settings at 1440p and 1080p 144Hz. You can use this for video editing, the six core processor and the powerful video card with 8GB VRAM will crush games and video rendering. All the parts are listed and linked below.

CPU – i5-8400

The CPU is the i5-8400 six core with a base clock of 2.8GHz and a maximum 3.8GHz turbo boost. This means it will perform very well in games and can be used for editing and gaming.

Cooler – Hyper 212 EVO

The CPU cooler is a Hyper 212 EVO to keep your processor cool during long gaming or editing sessions. Intel processors are known for becoming hot under load which is why we have an aftermarket cooler as it performs better than the stock cooler provided by Intel.

Z370 Motherboard 

This is a Z370 motherboard which means that it supports SLI and has overclocking capabilities. The i5 I’ve chosen is locked, meaning it can’t be overclocked but if you upgrade to an unlocked processor with a “K” in its name, you can use the motherboard to overclock provided the socket (LGA 1151-2) of the new CPU is the same. The reason I chose this CPU is that Intel is yet to release the H370 motherboards, which are similar to the Z370 motherboards minus the overclocking capabilities. If you are reading this in Q1 2018 or later then you should buy an H370 motherboard to save a few dollars if these have been released.

Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1070

This is a powerful 1080p 144HZ or 1440p graphics card, it’ll handle modern triple A games with ease, it can play less demanding titles like GTA V on ultra settings at 1440p. It has 8GB VRAM so you can play with all the highest textures enabled and this means it will continue to handle games well in the future.

Storage: A 1TB 7200RPM and 240GB SSD

A 1TB 7200RPM hard drive provides a copious amount of space for storage of movies, pictures and music and a 240GB SSD provides super fast storage for your operating system, programs and games to speed up loading times.

RAM – Kingston HyperX fury

For RAM I’ve gone with 8GB of DDR4, this is the perfect quantity for modern games and is easy to upgrade in the future should you ever need more. I went with 8GB instead of 16 because the money spent on the extra 8GB is better spent on an SSD as this has far greater real world performance by speeding loading and installation times up massively. 8GB is sufficient for video editing in Premiere Pro and meets the minimum requirements for After Effects. Unless you want to do 3D compositing or more intense video editing you will not need more RAM than this.

Power Supply: 450W Bronze from EVGA

This power supply is rated with 80+ bronze efficiency, this means it is efficient and performs well, it is from EVGA, a very reputable power supply manufacturer. This is important because the PSU is responsible for supplying power to all of your components so you must purchase an efficient and reliable one.

Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 5

The case is an ATX case from Cooler Master that comes with RGB fans. It is very good looking with customisable lighting and had multiple SSD and hard drive bays should you ever want to upgrade your storage.