If you are on the quest for the best cheap gaming mouse under $15 then the Dland Zelotes T80 LED 7200DPI Professional Gaming Mouse should be on your shortlist, it comes in at only $13 or £10, has a stylish finish and ergonomic design with 7 buttons, a braided USB cable, a DPI range of 1000 to 7200dpi and LED lighting. It is a beautiful LED mouse, it is not an RGB gaming mouse but it is still good-looking and amazing value.

The mouse has a stylish design with LED lighting, these are not RGB, it cycles though seven colours in a fixed order but at this price point you can’t expect full RGB. It has an ergonomic design with an aesthetically pleasing finish that consists of soft feel plastic and hard shiny plastic. The disadvantage of soft feel finish tends to be its susceptibility to fingerprints but I did not find this to be much of an issue here. The mouse fits the hand well and is very comfortable to use for long periods of time, the only disadvantage is that it is not suitable for left handed use due to its ergonomic shape.

This particular mouse features a spider, which may not be to everybody’s taste but there are alternative designs available. It has several buttons, obviously there’s a scroll wheel. There is a right and left click, a dedicated double click button, a DPI button and back and forward buttons. The scroll wheel also functions as a button, when used in windows this opens a link in a new tab or window. These buttons are more useful in game as they can be customised in the game settings, there is no software for the mouse so you cannot customise them for general use in windows.

It is also nice to see a braided cable included in a mouse at this price point, it is quite an important feature for a mouse to have to preserve its longevity.The tracking is smooth and accurate on a variety of surfaces and it works well in Windows and in game. The DPI button is easily within reach so it is easy to adjust this setting, the DPI settings are 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200 and 7200 DPI. I use 1000 DPI when using the mouse normally in Windows and 2400 or 3200 DPI in game, I find the highest setting way too sensitive. If you like high sensitivity or a wide range of DPI options then this mouse is a good choice.

I have had this mouse for four months or so now and it has been subjected to some abuse including being dropped but it has withstood this well, it still works just as well as it did on the very first day with no signs of degradation. Overall I would recommend this mouse to anybody looking for a stylish, ergonomic, functional and affordable mouse both for gaming and for general use.  However if you need customisable buttons for use in Windows then this is not a suitable mouse for you.

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