More news regarding Nvidia’s 2000 series, The naming confusion with Volta, ampere and Turing and release dates has surfaced. Originally rumour had it that Nvidia ampere would be released for gaming in April and Turing would be released for mining, it is now thought that April will be the announcement date and the new cards will come in the summer, stay tuned for all the details.

New rumours from Tom’s hardware suggest that ampere won’t be for gaming, it’ll be the successor to Volta, and Turing will be the gaming graphics architecture. This seems a bit odd, considering Volta is still relatively new so a successor or an additional professional architecture doesn’t seem likely unless there’s something particularly special to differentiate it from Volta. The release of the new gaming cards is going to be delayed as Nvidia hasn’t given its AIB partners who manufacture custom card models the required specifications yet. Board partners were expected to receive the Turing bill of materials, basically a list of what they need to build the cards, but this will not happen until may according to the rumour so the cards won’t see a launch until July or august

No reason has been given to explain the graphics card delay but considering that memory supply is expected to improve in Q3 of the year, this could be why the cards have been delayed as higher memory supplies should push prices down again.The second news item regarding pricing is even more disheartening for anyone hoping to upgrade soon. Graphics card prices have been ridiculous recently, due to demand from miners and shortage of components, specifically memory. That isn’t due to change any time soon as these factors are still an issue. Currently the GTX 1080, which launched for $699 but was available for as little as $500 a year after launch is now selling for closer to a grand so there’s no way the new cards will be cheaper, even if the new generation 2080 has an MSRP of $700, the actual price will probably be in the 4 figures.