Today Apple announced their new 2018 iPhones, the 10s, 10s max and 10r. The 10s and 10s max will be the more expensive premium versions and are similar to the iphone 10 but come with a faster processor, upgraded cameras and more storage.

The 10s and 10s max have 5.8 and 6.5 inch screens respectively and for the first time the max version is simply larger than its sibling, it has no additional features bar a slightly larger battery, unlike in previous generations where the plus model usually had a better camera.

The 10s has the new A12 bionic chip with a neural engine, the power of which Apple showed off with augmented reality apps and games. The phones feature a 12 megapixel camera with an f1.8 aperture and a 12mp telephoto lens allowing for 2x zoom like on the iPhone 10, although Apple claims the 10s features an all new sensor, smart HDR and zero shutter lag. Portrait mode is used to produce nice background blur, this can even be adjusted after the photo was taken. The 10s max will have 1.5 hours more battery life than the 10, and the 10s will have 30 minutes more. The new phones will also be dual SIM, although in the UK and US this will be one physical SIM card as well as an eSIM. The disadvantage of this is that not all carriers support eSIMs. In China the phones will use two physical SIMs.

The 10r is a cheaper version that features only a single camera and a 6.1 inch LCD screen instead of the more expensive dual cameras and OLED screen technology used in the premium models. It has a lower resolution of just over 720p and thicker bezels because you can’t bend an LCD display like you can OLED. This means it’s not the largest, sharpest or most colour accurate screen in the line up but average consumer is unlikely to notice.

The 10r will also come with the A12 bionic processor and the same 12MP camera as the premuim phones and also has portrait mode. Portrait mode often uses a second camera to create the depth of field effect, with apple’s new phones that clearly can’t be the case if the 10r has it, the second lens must just be for telephoto zoom. The 10r will also feature FaceID just like the others but lacks 3D Touch. It is also only IP67 rated instead of IP68. It also comes in new colours, red, blue, yellow, white, black and coral, a peach or salmon shade.

All the iPhones lack a home button so no fingerprint sensor, you have to use Face ID or a passcode.

The 10r has an aluminium frame instead of stainless steel so the frames are coloured as well Basically it seems to be the more affordable version of the iPhone 10 that many people have been waiting for.

I think the iPhone 10r will be the most popular iPhone among Apple fans as the average consumer doesn’t care about screen technology or dual cameras, they just want a phone that works. However the 10r is still expensive and the features don’t justify the price. There are android smartphones out there that have better specifications and features for a fraction of the price so Apple’s new phone won’t sit well with everyone.

The iPhone X-pensive saga continues, the 10s max is the most expensive iPhone ever with prices starting at $1099 US dollars for the base model and increasing to 1,499 if you want 512GB of storage. The iphone 10r starts at $749 dollars and increases to $899, the 10s starts at 999 and increases to 1,399. These prices become even more epensive for those of us outside the US, £1499 in the UK is equivalent to nearly 2000 US dollars for a phone, which is ludicrous.

The iPhone 10S and 10S Max will be available to pre-order from September 14 and on sale on September 21. The 10r will be released a month later with pre orders opening on October 19th and the phone going on sale on the 26th.

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