Despite the hefty price tags attached to Apple’s flagship devices, pre-orders for the two devices have sold out just days after becoming available. The company has received some backlash for releasing such ridiculously expensive phones but there are plenty fans who are prepared to pay a steep price to obtain Apple’s latest, greatest and most expensive iPhones with prices of up to $1499.

The iPhone XS and XS Max are almost identical, the main difference is that the XS features a 5.8 inch screen and the XS Max a 6.5 inch OLED screen, the Max is also large enough to accommodate a slightly larger battery, although Apple has yet to disclose the actual capacity in mAh.

The third iPhone released is the more ‘budget’ iPhone XR that features a low resolution LCD display and has fewer features, there is no 3D touch and only one camera but nonetheless the base model costs a whopping $749. Pre-orders for the iPhone XR will be available from 19th October.