My Youtube Gear!

Ever wondered what equipment I use to film my Youtube videos? Wonder no more because this is a list of all the equipment I use as well as links to where you can buy these items!


Youtube recording equipment


My camera


My camera is the Sony A77 II, this is an oldie but a goldie and gets the job done. It is a great camera for photography with 24.3MP photos and a 12FPS continous burst mode, it can film at HD and 4K. I bought this camera for photography originally, it takes beautiful photos and the kit lens is unusually good for kit lenses.


My lavalier microphone

I use the Boya BY-M1 lapel microphone, it is a budget friendly microphone and produces great quality audio despite only costing $20. It has 6 metres of cable and the amazing advantage is that you are not bound in one place, you can move around and still get great audio. The one disadvantage is that you have a higher chance of getting tangles wioth such a long cable but I prefer to have the flexibility of a long cable when filming.


Studio lighting kit and white and green screen


To ensure my videos are well lit and have a neutral background, I have a studio lighting kit with a white, green and black screen. I use the white screen to shoot a neutral video where I do not intend to add any background effects or change the background, if I am shooting a video where I want to change the background I will use the green screen. I use a fairly inexpensive kit that cost £80 or $110. The kit is easy to use and can be packaged up and transported in a bag so it is convenient and does not take up too much room


Editing Software



I edit my videos with the Adobe creative suite, I use Adobe Premiere Pro for my video editing, Adobe After effects for compositing and special effects, Adobe Audition for audio editing and Adobe Photoshop for image editing, especially for creating my thumbnails. The Adobe creative suite is full of high-quality, professional tools that you can use to further your video production, I have tried various video editors but finally settled on Premiere because it makes text, effects and animations easy and has a flexible and customisable interface.


Computer Peripherals



My keyboard is the Velocifire VM90, it is a comparatively budget friendly full size mechanical RGB gaming keyboard with N-key rollover, individually addressable RGB LEDs capable of the full 16.8 million colours with 104 programmable keys as well as lots of different lighting presets and custom modes. It has kailh black or blue switches and is a much more budget friendly alternative to big name brands such as the Corsair Strafe and Razer Chroma keyboards. It comes with a detachable magnetic wrist rest, a USB port and a braided cable, it also has media controls so there is no feature that this keyboard lacks (unless you are a stickler for dedicated macro keys).It is available on Amazon for $80 or £56.


My mouse


My Mouse is the Zelotes 7200dpi optical gaming mouse, it is a very budget friendly mouse at £10 or $13 and it has coloured LEDs which are available in secen colours, sadly it is not true RGB but at this price point that is not something you can expect. It has a stylish and ergonomic design and while it is light, it is quite a substantial mouse with more shape and volume to it, which I prefer over slender little mice. The only disadvantage of the ergonomic design is that it is for right handed use only, and the design is not to everybody’s taste as it features a spider (however there are alternative designs available on Amazon too)